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Stay Healthier with Seasonal Acupuncture

During the autumn I am encouraging my patients here in Preston, Lancashire to have a seasonal acupuncture treatment, to help them stay healthier into the autumn and winter months ahead.

Now is a great time to try acupuncture for the first time and experience the benefits of better health during the winter months.

As we move towards autumn the transition from bright, warm days, to lower light intensities and the cooler temperatures of winter can leave many people feeling tired and run down, and can lead to us being more vulnerable to picking up colds and viruses.

Good health relies on a strong, fully functioning immune system, so it’s important to prepare your defences for the cold and flu season in order to stay healthy through the winter months.

One of the ways we can take charge of our health is to have on-going traditional acupuncture treatments, but in particular, treatments at or near the change of season.

Acupuncture seeks to address imbalances in the body’s vital energy. It also has a holistic approach to health that acknowledges the seasons of the year and the importance of living in tune with them to balance our health, both in body and in mind.

With over 200 common cold viruses and three types of flu virus, it’s hard to avoid catching a bug. On average, adults in the UK catch two to four colds a year forming a major part of the 172 million days lost each year to sickness, costing the economy over £13 billion.

A seasonal session of acupuncture can help improve overall health by enhancing the body’s immune system to keep illness at bay. It can also provide a boost in energy levels, lifting mood and improving a person’s sense of wellbeing, allowing the body to function more effectively.

In addition, during treatment I will discuss lifestyle and dietary advice which will help reinforce the effectiveness of the acupuncture treatment.

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Charlotte Green practices acupuncture in Preston, and her clinic is conveniently located for patients travelling from throughout Lancashire.