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Osteoarthritis of Knee – “Amazing results”

Getting feedback from clients about the effects of acupuncture treatment, is one of the most rewarding parts of the job.  Yesterday out of the blue, a patient, who I have not seen for 8 months sent me a message.  She had a diagnosis of osteoarthritis in her knee and when she started acupuncture with me she was experiencing a lot of pain.  She had a course of 9 acupuncture treatments.  Here is what she said

Hi Charlotte…. I am doing so well.  My knee is now 80% better and I just wanted to thank you.  Currently don’t feel in need of any treatment but just wanted to touch base!  And thank you!  If I need you again down the line I would be very happy to give you a call.  Amazing results!  Kim W.

Well needless to say, that brought some sunshine to my day.  These kinds of improvement can make huge differences to a persons’ quality of life and I am lucky to see these changes again and again with different clients, thanks to acupuncture.  It’s also worth mentioning, an increasing weight of evidence from Western scientific research is demonstrating this kind of effectiveness too.  If you would like to read more, the British Acupuncture Council summarises the acupuncture evidence for osteoarthritis here.

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