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Acupuncture Safe & Effective for Fibromyalgia

Research studies into the effectiveness of acupuncture are carried out everyday and thousands of studies are published each year.  Unfortunately, very often the studies are too small scale, or are not robust enough methodologically, to be seriously considered.

However there is a growing body of evidence to support the use of acupuncture, and one such study was recently featured in Fibromyalgia News Today online.  This article highlighted acupuncture research which suggests that:

acupuncture therapy is safe and effective for patients with fibromyalgia, helping to manage chronic pain and improve quality of life.

The study itself, published in the Journal of Pain Research, was a systematic review, which looked at the findings from a number of recent randomized trails.  Two of the studies showed that acupuncture was more effective at reducing pain in both the short and long term, when compared with conventional medicine.

Whilst the study also highlighted the need for more research, these findings are very encouraging and are in line with much of the feedback we receive from our patients.  The article is available to read at Fibromyalgia News Today.

Charlotte Green practices acupuncture in the Ribchester, near to Preston, Lancashire.