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Acupuncture: one of the most effective treatments for migraine

People contact me most days, to discuss having acupuncture treatment, and frequently I am asked about the effectiveness of acupuncture for migraine.  As this article in Pharmacy Business explains,

acupuncture is one of the best studied, most effective and best tolerated treatments for migraine and can be recommended to members of the public who are interested.  Some studies have shown that acupuncture is even more effective than pharmaceuticals in treating migraine.

Mark Bovey from the British Acupuncture Council explained that the most recent Cochrane review had almost 5000 participants and acupuncture was found to be significantly superior for reducing headache frequency.  The article goes on to highlight more recent trials which provide support for longer, as well as shorter-term benefits of acupuncture.

Mark Bovey goes on to say

The migraine evidence fits exactly into the general picture with acupuncture for chronic pain.  For headaches, backpain, osteoarthritis and shoulder pain acupuncture is consistently and significantly superior

The article goes on to discuss some of the possible mechanism for migraine treatment with acupuncture.  It also includes case studies which highlight how acupuncture works for different people.

Charlotte Green practices acupuncture in Ribchester, Preston.  Patients travel to her from throughout Lancashire, for acupuncture treatment.