Acupuncture for IVF

The Role of Acupuncture in IVF Support

For those couples considering acupuncture as part of their fertility journey, this recent article published in IVF Babble online includes an interview with Colin Davis, Specialist in Reproductive Medicine and Medical Director of the Evewell Centre in London.

When asked about his views on acupuncture and IVF he said:

I think acupuncture offers a complementary role in health across the board, and certainly does in fertility and reproductive medicine.  …I have found acupuncture to be an important component of the fertility treatment pathway.  I encourage a complementary approach and believe that acupuncture has the positive impact of improving blood flow to the pelvis as well as reducing stress and anxiety.  There is also evidence that it may help implantation of the embyros and the post implantation chance of success, improving implantation rates as well…  I think acupuncture can really focus on reducing stress levels and hopefully improve implantation.

As acupuncturists we are often asked at what stages of IVF would we recommend patients have acupuncture.  Here is Colin Davis’s views on this:

…it’s important to find you are with the right person who you can feel supported by, I think consistency is very important.  During the IVF cycle I would recommend that women see an acupuncturist at the start of their stimulation cycle and in particular just prior to egg collection and immediately after embryo transfer.

On a longer-term basis, it is sensible for an acupuncturist to help regulate the menstrual cycle and in particular improve the blood flow to the pelvis.  I do think that longer term preparation is extremely useful, approximately 8 weeks for working on blood flow with a minimum time of 4 weeks.

Colin is very much in support of an integrated approach, and he believes that acupuncture allows more balance of the menstrual cycle.  In his experience when acupuncture is performed well, it can regulate the menstrual cycle and make the process of getting pregnant much better.

These are interesting observations, and are very much in line with my own experiences in clinic.  For those who are unsure about acupuncture, this positive feedback from a Western Medicine professional, offers reassurance about the wealth of benefits that acupuncture has to offer in this area of medicine.

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