Introduction to Acupuncture

Lovely Feedback about Acupuncture with Charlotte

I discovered this lovely review on Google this week, and it’s so rewarding to hear.  Thank you to the contributor…

I always love coming here to see Charlotte. She always puts me at ease instantly but still always remains professional. I have a huge needle phobia but cannot feel these small needles at all. The views are incredible and I enjoy the drive to Ribchester. If you are considering this I would 100% try it. I sleep better and I am so relaxed and stress free!

This feedback also highlights an issue that crops up again and again.  People often want to try acupuncture but are concerned about needles.  This is very understandable, as we often think about the very large needles used for vaccinations and giving blood.  However acupuncture needles are very different, because they are so very fine.  I also use some of the most expensive acupuncture needles on the market, which means they are finished to a very high standard, making them extremely smooth to use, and offer the greatest levels of comfort to the patient.  So don’t let a phobia of needles put you off considering acupuncture treatment.


Charlotte Green provides acupuncture to clients from throughout Lancashire and beyond. Patients travel from Preston, Chorley, Leyland, Blackburn, Darwen, Burnley, Blackpool, Lancaster and beyond.  Contact her if you would like more details.