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Can the time of year impact on your chance of becoming pregnant?

So can the time of year impact on your chance of becoming pregnant?  This is an interesting question, particularly during the deep mid winter when many of us are battling winter colds and darker days.  Dr Gillian Lockwood, Medical Director at Care Fertility Tamworth has recently written an interesting blog on the topic.

She discusses some research which links fertilisation, implantation and pregnancy rates with increased numbers of sunlight hours.  Dr Lockwood suggests that Vitamin D may explain the connection between sunshine and pregnancy success.  Her recommendations and the full article can be read at the Care Fertility Blog.

Since returning to work after Christmas, I am seeing many of my clients fighting off the winter bugs and winter blues.  Having acupuncture at this time not only supports fertility health but also boosts immunity, improves wellbeing and lifts the spirits.  Please get in touch if you would like to discuss having acupuncture treatment with me.

Charlotte Green is an experienced acupuncture practitioner with a specialism in fertility support and over 10 years experience in this role.  She supports clients who travel from throughout Lancashire, and North West England for treatment with her.