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Fertility Case Study Gives Insight into the Acupuncture Treatment Process

In my time treating couples and individuals with fertility issues, I find that people often find it hugely helpful to hear about the experiences of others.  This is why case studies and testimonials are so helpful.  They allow people going through this process, to feel less isolated and alone, and give new clients a real… Continue reading Fertility Case Study Gives Insight into the Acupuncture Treatment Process

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The Value of Acupuncture to the Fertilty Journey

Patients are often able to describe the benefits of acupuncture far more articulately than I am, and when I received this email out of the blue from a previous client, I was heartened to read her account.  With her permission, I share it here with you: Hi Charlotte, hope you are well. I just wanted… Continue reading The Value of Acupuncture to the Fertilty Journey

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Charlotte at the Fertility Show Manchester

Charlotte attended the Fertility Show in Manchester on March 23rd to assist the British Acupuncture Council on their stand.  Here are some of her observations from the day. It was lovely to meet up with clients and colleagues a couple of weeks ago at the Fertility Show in Manchester.  There was a lot of interest… Continue reading Charlotte at the Fertility Show Manchester

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The Role of Acupuncture in IVF Support

For those couples considering acupuncture as part of their fertility journey, this recent article published in IVF Babble online includes an interview with Colin Davis, Specialist in Reproductive Medicine and Medical Director of the Evewell Centre in London. When asked about his views on acupuncture and IVF he said: I think acupuncture offers a complementary… Continue reading The Role of Acupuncture in IVF Support

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GPs urged to prescribe acupuncture

An article in Practice Business reports that clinicians across the UK are being urged by the British Acupuncture Council, to consider referring patients for acupuncture treatment.  As funding and workforce shortages put increasing pressure on the NHS, this is a viable option and could help the NHS. Head of research at the British Acupuncture Council,… Continue reading GPs urged to prescribe acupuncture

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Megan Markle Has Acupuncture

A recent article in Vanity Fair reports that Megan Markle is using acupuncture to help prepare her for giving birth.  A source reports: "Meghan has been having regular acupuncture sessions to help her unwind and relax. It’s brilliant for the blood circulation and boosting blood flow to the uterus. She plans to use acupuncture right… Continue reading Megan Markle Has Acupuncture

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How Acupuncture can Boost Fertility

An interesting article published by Netdoctor in January 2019, highlighted a little of our current understanding about how acupuncture can boost fertility levels.  Women's health expert Emma Cannon explains: "Acupuncture improves blood flow to the ovaries and endometrium (womb lining). It also stimulates the hypothalamus which controls hormones, calms the mind and reduces stress, and… Continue reading How Acupuncture can Boost Fertility

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Fertility Journeys with A Happy Ending in Lancashire

Everyday I see the benefits that acupuncture brings to my clients and I see many, many fertility journeys with happy endings, which makes my job a hugely rewarding one.  Everyone's story is unique and the often challenging path to parenthood goes largely unspoken about in the wider world. So over the next few months, with… Continue reading Fertility Journeys with A Happy Ending in Lancashire

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Fertility Success is an Inspiration to Others

If you are on your own fertility journey you may be interested to read an article that appeared in Hello magazine in April 2014. Journalist and broadcaster Kate Silverton talks about her own experiences, including the heartbreak of miscarriage and the sadness at being told that her chances of conceiving were negligible. Kate's story is… Continue reading Fertility Success is an Inspiration to Others