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Becoming a Mother….

I know how much you enjoy reading the stories of others, and their experiences of acupuncture.  Louise from the Fylde coast had been trying to conceive for three years before beginning a course of acupuncture with me.  Here is a little of what she had to say….

“Acupuncture kept me calm and relaxed and supported my pregnancy.  Your professionalism, support and skill throughout was key to my success and happy outcome.  My journey was a long and challenging one, but I knew I was going to get there when I started treatment with yourself because I had the confidence in you.  Thanks so much for helping me to become a mother”.

Acupuncture & Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Research published in The Journal of Pain looked at the use of acupuncture in the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome.  Patients received 8 sessions of acupuncture over a four-week period, and their progress was then monitored for over 12 months.

Over 80% of the patients who received acupuncture showed good improvement which was maintained over the 12 month monitoring period.  This improvement was significantly better than that seen in the group who received an oral steroid.  The researchers concluded that acupuncture should be considered as an alternative treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Source:  Journal of Pain, February 2011; 12(2):272-9

Charlotte Green practices acupuncture in Preston, and her clinic is conveniently located for patients travelling from throughout Lancashire.