Fertility Support

I particularly enjoys working with clients who seek acupuncture for fertility support.  In this area specifically I have over 10 years experience and have trained with some of the great names in this profession.

Many research studies suggest that acupuncture may be helpful for various aspects of fertility and conception, and acupuncture has been used in this way for generations.  Each day I work with clients who face all sorts of fertility challenges and I firmly believe that the benefits of having acupuncture with a suitably qualified and trained practitioner should not be underestimated.  This is hugely rewarding work and the feedback from my clients inspires me everyday.

Frequently I find that patients having acupuncture describe feeling more relaxed, more able to cope with stress and more in tune with their own body.  These aspects of acupuncture treatment alone, may provide the foundations for improved fertility health.

Acupuncture for Natural Fertility

Two out of three subfertile couples choose to use Complementary and Alternative Medicine instead of, or alongside Orthodox medical treatments. Supporting you as an Individual I am passionate about using acupuncture treatment to support clients to optimise their natural levels of fertility and have over 10 years of experience in this area of work. During… Continue reading Acupuncture for Natural Fertility

Acupuncture & IVF

Fertility interventions such as IVF can be an emotional rollercoaster for couples. Burning questions such as “will it work for me?”, the stress of juggling IVF treatment alongside work, the pressure from well-meaning family and friends, and the appearance of babies around every corner, can make this all feel like a huge burden to carry. … Continue reading Acupuncture & IVF

Client Stories

My clients are a constant source of inspiration to me.  To walk alongside them during one of the most important chapters of their life, and introduce them to the benefits of acupuncture, is both a privilege and a pleasure. Frequently I find that patients having acupuncture describe feeling more relaxed, more able to cope with stress and… Continue reading Client Stories

Fertility Support for Men

Fertility health in men is often something that can be overlooked.  However according to an article in the Journal of Human Reproductive Sciences published in 2015, 40% of infertility cases worldwide are due to male factor infertility.  This may be due to one or a combination of low sperm concentration, poor sperm motility or abnormal… Continue reading Fertility Support for Men