Client Stories

My clients are a constant source of inspiration to me.  To walk alongside them during one of the most important chapters of their life, and introduce them to the benefits of acupuncture, is both a privilege and a pleasure.

Frequently I find that patients having acupuncture describe feeling more relaxed, more able to cope with stress and more in tune with their own body.  These aspects of acupuncture treatment alone, may provide the foundations for improved fertility health.

Charlotte our baby has arrived safely.  We are so grateful to you.  You have made our dreams come true…”A, Preston

The personal accounts of some of my patients provide an insight into my practice.  Louise from the Fylde Coast had been trying to conceive for 3 years when she first came to acupuncture.  Here is what she said about her experience with me:

“…I have no doubt that acupuncture with Charlotte played a key role in supporting the success of our embryo transfer and resulting pregnancy. I would like to thank her from the bottom of my heart for all of her personal support and time spent during these sessions.  I have no hesitation in recommending her to all ladies who are going through infertility issues. My only regret is that I didn’t begin acupuncture with Charlotte sooner.”  Louise Atkinson (Leyland, Preston)

The acupuncture treatments work to support both emotional and physical wellbeing and prevent the harmful effects of stress which, research shows, increases the risk of infertility.  The treatments are both holistic and highly personalised.

“I contacted Charlotte following three miscarriages, inconclusive tests and a diagnosis of unexplained infertility.  It was the best decision I ever made.  Charlotte devised an individual treatment plan for me and I conceived within two to three months.  I am now sat cuddling my 3 week old baby girl thanks to Charlotte.  I looked forward to each of my acupuncture sessions which were held in a relaxing atmosphere and Charlotte was always professional and compassionate.  I could not recommend Charlotte enough.”  Kelly, Preston

My acupuncture clinic attracts clients from throughout the North West, and I have 10 years experience in male and female reproductive health.  I have received post-graduate acupuncture training from some of the leading specialists in the field of fertility and brings this expertise to my daily practice.

“I just thought I’d let you know that my baby has arrived.  I just wanted to say the biggest thank you for all your help in getting me to this point! The acupuncture did wonders for my anxiety and also in making me feel more prepared for labour, as did talking to you about it all. I hope to see you again in the future for some more – maybe if we decide to have another baby one day.  I’d totally recommend you and acupuncture to anyone.” Anna

Clients come to acupuncture with me when they want to improve their fertility health, reduce their stress levels and gain increased levels of relaxation whilst trying to conceive naturally. Other women and couples come for acupuncture support when preparing for and undergoing fertility interventions such as IUI and IVF.

“Dear Charlotte, I am so happy to tell you that our ICSI treatment was successful and I am now almost 16 weeks pregnant.  We feel very blessed and know how fortunate we have been.  Of course I wanted to tell you the news but mainly I just wanted to say thank you.  I can’t tell you how much your support and understanding helped me get through a really tough time.  You’ve been an acupuncturist and a support network rolled into one and I truly can’t thank you enough for the positive impact you had on my journey and its many ups and downs.  Thank you so much again Charlotte.  You were a lifeline when I needed it most.”  Helen

If you would like to discuss having acupuncture to support your fertility journey, get in touch.

Hi Charlotte, hope you are well.

I just wanted to message you and let you know how valuable your acupuncture was to me.  You gave me acupuncture after I had a missed miscarriage.  I discussed my 7 year fertility battle with you, and told you about losing my first child at 9 weeks.  I was incredibly distraught and you were wonderful in dealing with me at my most vulnerable.  I told you all about my hospital procedures… and you couldn’t have handled me better.

I came to you to (help) my anxiety and to ultimately see if you could bring my cycles back following the loss of my first child.

Your sessions were like nothing I’ve experienced, relaxing to the point I was dozing off as my husband drove me off after.  I had such anxiety at night time as that was very traumatic for me, yet I slept like a log after seeing you.

My cycles came back after seeing you and one month before starting IVF I became pregnant with my daughter, who is now two.

I recommended you to many of my friends in Lancashire, but just wanted to thank you for being a safe space, for your support and your amazing acupuncture, which was the best thing I’ve ever experienced.  If we do decide to try for no2 I will be seeing you.

Best Wishes

Y. R.  Chorley, Nr Preston, Lancashire

Some fertility journeys are longer than others, and clients like Gemma have incredible courage.  She endured multiple IVF failures, and I was so delighted that she finally reached her happy ending.

I contacted Charlotte after 4 failed IVF attempts.  I felt like it would never work for me and I am happy to say that I am sat typing this next to my 7 week old daughter.  I am positive that the treatment and advice that Charlotte gave me resulted in my final attempt being successful, I wish I had acupuncture sooner.  I would highly recommend her to anyone attempting to get pregnant on IVF, I am so grateful to her for helping me to eventually become a mother, words can’t express my gratitude to her and the wonderful work she does for IVF patients – Andrea.

Anna was trying to conceive for 7 years when I met her.  Her determination not to give up struck me from our very first meeting.

We contacted Charlotte after seven years trying to conceive a baby.  We tried to get some support from the NHS but it was unsuccessful and the specialist said they didn’t know where the problem was as there were no physical problems.  We nearly lost hope as we were trying for so long and were getting to our late 30s.  But we thought lets try one more time.  Somebody told us about Charlotte and how she had helped his daughter to get pregnant.  Until today we can’t believe it’s true.  After 2 months acupuncture treatment I got pregnant and today me and my husband can share everything with our beloved, healthy and happy one month old son.  Thank you Charlotte so much – Anna from Chorley, Lancashire

The needs of each client are different, and sometimes a decision is taken to transfer a frozen embryo durnig a woman’s natural menstrual cycle, with no medication.  Acupuncture can be a very supportive treatment to have in this scenario.

I began receiving acupuncture as a result of ongoing undiagnosed infertility problems. Myself and my husband had been trying to conceive since 2011 and we had been referred for IVF 2 years later. We had a course of IVF… {but} I had a polyp which meant embryo transfer would not be able to go ahead as planned. We froze 2 of the best embryos for use on future cycles. We felt positive about this move and wanted to throw all we could at making it work this time. I was convinced that the problem was hormonal and just slight tweaking needed.

I researched acupuncture to help fertility and came across Charlotte Green acupuncture who was quite local to where I live. I called her to discuss how she may be able to support me with acupuncture before, during and after my frozen embryo transfer. I wanted to attempt to have the embryo put back on a natural cycle rather than a medicated one and this meant trying to regulate my cycles in order to detect my ovulation surge. Charlotte was extremely friendly, accommodating and knowledgeable in the field of infertility so I decided to go ahead with booking some sessions to hopefully boost success of the upcoming frozen embryo transfer.

What struck me most at my first appointment was how good it was to finally talk to someone who understood how I was feeling and could empathise. That alone made such a difference and her knowledge around the subject was reassuring.

Charlotte began working on encouraging me to have a richer period in order to then build up a better lining that would be more receptive to the embryo. I was amazed at how quickly the acupuncture positively had an effect on my cycles. I found that I had not been shedding my lining as well as I should and my period was much richer and thorough as a result than before. In follow up sessions Charlotte used acupuncture to help to stimulate build up of my womb lining and prepare for embryo transfer. I found the process relaxing, had a positive effect on my outlook and it helped me to believe that the transfer was going to achieve a successful outcome. Charlotte continued to provide weekly sessions up until I achieved a positive ovulation test and was ready for frozen embryo transfer. She carried out pre and post embryo transfer acupuncture sessions and was extremely accommodating, opening her clinic especially to carry out these vital sessions. …I believe that these sessions truly supported implantation of the embryo and were a large factor in its success. I am very grateful to Charlotte for being so available throughout this time.

I continued to receive weekly acupuncture up until my test date on 14th February …and was truly amazed to see a positive test!! I couldn’t believe that my body had actually responded as it should with no scans or drugs necessary.  I opted to continue treatment up until 12 weeks and found with each session that I was more confident that my body could successfully continue to support a growing baby. I am now 27 weeks pregnant and as each week passes by and every internal wriggle and kick feel so lucky to have been blessed with a healthy baby growing inside me. – A, Lancashire

The fertility journey can be a very anxious one, and the calming effects of acupuncture really come into their own, when supporting women and couples in this process.

I just thought I’d let you know that my baby has arrived. I just wanted to say the biggest thank you for all your help in getting me to this point! The acupuncture did wonders for my anxiety and also in making me feel more prepared for labour, as did talking to you about it all. I hope to see you again in the future for some more – maybe if we decide to have another baby one day. I’d totally recommend you and acupuncture to anyone. Anna

I began acupuncture treatment with Charlotte to help support me through IVF. There is no doubt that her treatments made the whole process easier and less stressful. The acupuncture definitely helped balance me physically and supported my emotional state during the IVF which resulted in a successful pregnancy result.

A common scenario in practice, can be menstrual issues that come to light when women stop taking the contraceptive pill.  Here is Rachel’s story:

My husband and I had been trying to conceive for over a year, but it was proving very difficult. I had been on the contraception Pill for 10 years and when we decided to start trying for a baby I had a lot of trouble with irregular monthly cycles.

After numerous doctors appointments and blood tests I decided to research other ways to try to help us conceive, this is when I came across Acupuncture and Charlotte’s website. I decided to contact Charlotte for more information. From my first consultation I knew I had found the right person to help us! Charlotte is very friendly, reassuring, always optimistic about getting results and is genuinely concerned for my well-being. After my first Acupuncture session I felt extremely positive about the road ahead.

After the first few sessions I noticed a huge difference in my body and four months after my initial consultation I was pleased to announce my pregnancy. I am now 35 weeks pregnant and looking forward to the arrival of our first baby. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Charlotte for the Acupuncture treatment I have received over the past year, without it I am unsure as to whether we would be in this situation. Rachel