Fertility Support for Men

Fertility health in men is often something that can be overlooked.  However according to an article in the Journal of Human Reproductive Sciences published in 2015, 40% of infertility cases worldwide are due to male factor infertility.  This may be due to one or a combination of low sperm concentration, poor sperm motility or abnormal morphology.  This research emphasises the importance of giving attention to male fertility health, particularly when trying to conceive, or where there is unexplained infertility or where the female partner is undergoing a fertility intervention such as IVF.

It takes several weeks for sperm to mature and develop.  Therefore when planning to try to conceive naturally or when preparing for IVF/ICSI, a course of acupuncture spread over approximately 3 month can be used to optimise male fertility.  A carefully structured intitial consultation allows me to assess your fertility health from the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Individualised treatment alongside good dietary and lifestyle practices can support improvements in both the quality and quantity of sperm production.

Male fertility acupuncture involves inserting acupuncture needles in the lower legs, feet, wrists or back.  It is a very comfortable and relaxing treatment.

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