Acupuncture for Natural Fertility

Two out of three subfertile couples choose to use Complementary and Alternative Medicine instead of, or alongside Orthodox medical treatments.

Supporting you as an Individual

I am passionate about using acupuncture treatment to support clients to optimise their natural levels of fertility and have over 10 years of experience in this area of work. During your first consultation I take time to fully understand your fertility picture. This will look different for everyone and one of the secrets of getting the most from acupuncture, is to use this information to create a highly individualised approach to treatment which is tailored to you and your own particular needs.

Almost 60% of clients who seek fertility-support acupuncture, have unexplained subfertility. However, where there is a Western medicine diagnosis such as endometriosis, ovulatory disorders, low ovarian reserve or PCOS for example, this information can also be used to inform my approach to acupuncture treatment.

Tuning in to your body’s natural rhythm

Together we will look at your menstrual cycle, your fertility rhythm and the timing of your fertile window for conception. I encourage and support women to tune in to their cycle of fertility and this can be empowering and will often bring new insights. For those women who want to chart their Basal Body Temperature during a menstrual cycle, I am able to analyse this information from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective and this information can also be used to inform the acupuncture treatment approach. But for those who prefer not to, this information is not essential.

Maximising the benefits of Acupuncture

I am able to use acupuncture to help regulate and optimise each of the four stages of your menstrual cycle – menstruation, follicular development, ovulation and the luteal stage, whilst also working to address any underlying imbalances I have diagnosed using Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Research studies indicate that acupuncture may positively support fertility health by:

  1. Regulating the menstrual cycle
  2. Improving hormonal balance
  3. Supporting follicular development
  4. Improving ovarian blood supply
  5. Supporting the development of the endometrial lining of the uterus
  6. Reducing pain associated with menstrual cycle
  7. Reducing Premenstrual Tension
  8. Reducing stress and anxiety levels, which, if left unaddressed, can have a significant impact on fertility health

Your Acupuncture Treatment Plan

I provide a focused approach to fertility acupuncture and aim to bring maximum benefit from each treatment. In order to do this I put together a treatment plan which typically spans 3 months. I encourage regular appointments during this time, to allow support for each stage of the menstrual cycle. Together we regularly review progress and I use this information to update treatment priorities as needed. This ensures that the acupuncture you receive continues to support your evolving needs.

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